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Magical Butter MB2e Botanical Extractor

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MB2e Welcome to a new generation of health and happiness! Now, at the touch of a button, enjoy great-tasting, healthy foods or make natural skin-care products at home with the MB2e botanical extractor. Completely unique in the kitchen appliance universe, our exclusive microprocessor technology ensures pinpoint accuracy and thorough, even heating at any elevation, in any climate. The MB2e provides a practical solution to infusing essential nutrients from roots, fruits, and herbs directly into butter, oil, tincture, salve, lotion, and more—right on your countertop! Let your imagination run wild! NEW MB2e Features: No Heat setting for non-activated tinctures, cold soups and beverages, and other goodies 130°F/54°C temperature setting for optimized extraction at high altitude or in dry climates.

The Magical Butter MB2e is changing the game of the marijuana industry since they're the very first company to make a user-friendly oil and wax converter that purely focuses on the extraction of the pure botanical as it heats up the botanical to melting point and yields a purified form of botanical solutions which can be effectively vaporized into waxes or concentrates where a consumer can use a quality wax or oil vaporizer.

Magical Butter Botanical extractor provides the easiest and best way for anyone to set a machine, drop their herbs and wait a few hours for the best butters, oils, tinctures, salves and even skin care products. With the unlimited potential to be able to custom create what ever type of substance you want into a freebase form, The MagicalButter gives a once complicated and tough process, into something that's now smooth & user-friendly.

It uses the Patented Digital Fire Technology that lets you set your temperature at precise settings for very optimal performance.Now you can make sure you're using methods of pinpoint accuracy when you want to create your next batch of concentrates to throw into your cartridge to begin vaporizing purified, freebase botanical. The amazing kitchen prep tool makes it simple-to-use and will fit any place in your house.

Think of all the new types of recipes you can create, edibles, sweets, concentrates, you name it! The MagicButter will yield results simply by pressing a button on the MB2e.

NEW MB2e Features:

-No Heat, for non-activated tinctures and other goodies.
-130ºF/54ºC for high altitude and arid climates.
-Fully Automatic
-Microprocessor-controlled program sequences Integrated Digital Thermostat and Sensors
-Laboratory-grade Temperature Control
-Digital Fire Technology - High-tech botanical butter maker

Magical Butter maker is the all-in-one botanical extractor that allows people to use it at home and save lots of money while extracting all the botanical within their herbs that lets yo create the ultimate pastes, waxes, extracting the botanical oils that gives you the butter you need to create any type of oils, concentrates, waxes and main ingredient for edibles.

Being fairly new (2015), it is a device that will piss off dispensaries since now the patients can make the expensive stuff at home while saving thousands of dollars. This unit pays for itself and is a true money saving machine while allowing you to get the best extracts, without a mess all while setting it, forgetting it and creating an amazing wax while at home.

Everything is automatic and easy to use. You won't need and extra training or parts to make your concentrates. It truly eliminates the special technology you need to create this type of ingredient at a very affordable price.


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Magical Butter MB2e Botanical Extractor
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