WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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1. Vaping is scientifically proven to be 95% less harmful than traditional smoking.



2. Most American e-liquid companies applied and went through the extremely time-consuming and costly process of

the FDA's PMTA applications and almost all applications were denied simply because of additional rule changes to

PMTA by the FDA after the fact. Companies already had their applications submitted by the deadline. A few of the

remaining companies left in the industry sued the FDA and were granted market stay orders from a judge until their

court case.


3. We know what's in it. E-liquid consists of 4 ingredients. Nicotine, food flavorings, propylene glycol, and vegetable

glycerin. In 2016, all e-liquid manufacturers were required to submit ingredient listings and recipes to the US


4. ZERO deaths have ever been linked to vaping nicotine e-liquid. Zero. Meanwhile, 480,000 Americans

will die this year from cigarettes and tobacco-related illnesses.

Cigarettes, by which are sold freely on every corner while the government collects settlements and taxes. The CDC

and FDA is urging consumers to avoid black market cannabis products which are linked to a string of lung illnesses

across the US (EVALI). EVALI was found to be the result of previously added Vitamin E oil to some black market

cannabis THC carts and thickening solutions.

Learn more about what EVALI is.

5. The vapor industry was composed of thousands of American small businesses that generated more than

$24,457,512,300.00 for the United
States economy creating more than 166,000+ American jobs!


Today, most of these small businesses and jobs are gone due to misinformation and politically motivated

government overregulation prompting many to question if fairness, due process, and scientific reasoning

will ever return to our
government, our politicians, and federal agencies like the FDA.

There are many organizations like Truth Initiative and ParentsAgainstVaping to name a couple that continues to

circulate misinformation and constantly debunked research. These organizations are not being truthful with the public.

Truth and science are not on their funded agenda. Thankfully, there are many real scientific research projects

published over the years and even more, research continues today as it should. These projects are led by real

scientists with no agenda and many of these research projects were funded by the UK Government.

Stay tuned for much more information on e-cig science, research, and links to every study conducted so you can dig into the facts.

Have a question regarding vaping? Send us a message so we can get you real answers.

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