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While ashtrays were popular at the turn of the 20th century, they existed in primitive forms for much longer before then. As more people began smoking in the early 1900s, ashtrays became upscale items and the different art forms of ashtrays became more popular. Indentations around the perimeter of most standard ashtrays resemble cigar shapes. As the name implies, cigar ashtrays allow cigars to rest safely. Generally speaking, cigar ashtrays have a larger bowl and are made from materials such as marble, ceramic, and other types of materials. 

Like cigar ashtrays, pipe ashtrays are larger and designed to hold more ash. Pipe ashtrays will differ from other ashtrays in that they include a small indentation near the perimeter to accommodate a standard pipe bowl's size and shape. A smoker can rest or set the pipe down in this indentation as needed. There are many glass pipe ashtrays with this design. 

Most ashtrays are made from flame-retardant materials, such as glass, acrylic, heat-resistant plastic, metal, or stone. 

Cannabis ashtrays differ depending on whether the smoker is using rolling papers, a vape, or a glass smoking pipe. To help cash the ash from the glass pipe bowl, many cannabis ashtrays come with a poker tool integrated into the ashtray.

Upper Limits offers a wide selection of eye-catching, durable ashtrays. You can also have a custom ashtray made by us at an affordable price.  

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