WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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You may have heard of a quartz banger or quartz bucket before. These are attachments for your glass pipe, usually made from quartz, that are used with a torch in order to vaporize concentrate. They come in several different sizes, depths, and styles. The most important thing when looking into buying one of these attachments is to know what size you will need in order to fit the size and angle of your bong or pipe. The opening where you will be placing this piece is either going to be female or male (female will be an opening that the "male" banger will fit into. A male attachment will be a tapered cylindrical post sticking up from your bong that a "female" banger would fit on top of. The most common sizes for these pieces will be 10 millimeters, 14mm, and 18/19mm. Generally, bangers, or nails, whichever you prefer to call them, will either be at a 90-degree angle or a 45-degree angle, and depending on how your pipe is set up will determine which you will need.

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