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Glass Pipes

Discover the Artistry of Glass - Elevate Your Smoking Experience with Our Exquisite Glass Pipe Collection

Speak with our glassblowing team about your custom glass piece or project today. We design custom glass in our newly renovated glass production facility.
Learn more about our popular promo glass production, etching, and glass pipe repair services. Wholesale available.
We make custom glass pipes, bongs and rigs, glass pipe attachments, and accessories. Buy glass pipes with our quality guarantee and promise. Consider us your build a bong workshop. Shop our custom bongs for sale or buy dab rigs made to order.

Get a free custom glass estimate today. We make custom glass pipes, glass repairs, custom glass attachments, memorial glass products, and promo glass logo etchings.

Welcome to our glass pipes page, where you'll find a wide range of glass pipes and water perc filtration designs for consuming cannabis flower and concentrate. From dab rigs and flower rigs to hand pipes and custom glass pipes, we have everything you need to enjoy your favorite strains.

Dab rigs, also known as oil rigs or concentrate pipes, are specifically designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. They consist of a water pipe with a special nail or banger for heating the concentrate and a dab tool for handling the concentrate. Dab rigs are popular for their strong, flavorful hits and smooth vapor production.

Flower rigs, on the other hand, are designed for smoking cannabis flower. They typically have a bowl for packing the flower and a stem for inhaling the smoke. Flower rigs come in a variety of styles and sizes, from small, portable hand pipes to larger tabletop models.

In addition to dab rigs and flower rigs, we also offer a range of glass hand pipes. These are small, portable pipes that are perfect for on-the-go use. Hand pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from classic spoon pipes to more intricate designs.

If you already have a dab rig or flower rig, we also carry a selection of dab rig bangers and other accessories to enhance your experience. Bangers are the nail or heating element used in dab rigs, and we offer a variety of materials to choose from, including quartz, titanium, and ceramic. We also have a range of other accessories, such as ash catchers, bowls, and down stems, to help you customize your rig to your specific needs.

In addition to our selection of off-the-shelf glass pipes, we also offer custom glass pipes made in our own glass production studio. This allows you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that is truly unique to you. Our team of skilled glassblowers can create a custom pipe to your exact specifications, whether you want something simple and functional or a more intricate, artistic piece.

But what happens when your favorite glass pipe breaks or needs repair? That's where our glass pipe repair service comes in. We offer repair services for all types of glass pipes, from simple chips and cracks to more complex issues. Our team of skilled craftsmen can repair your pipe to its original condition or even give it a new lease on life with custom modifications.

In addition to our glass pipe repair service, we also offer glass logo etching and promo pipes. This is a great way to promote your business or brand with custom-etched glass pipes. We can etch your logo or design onto any glass pipe, creating a unique marketing tool that is sure to get noticed.

Finally, we also offer memorial glass items as a way to honor a loved one who has passed away. Our team can create custom glass pipes, pendants, or other items as a tribute to your loved one and a way to remember them always.

So whether you're in need of a new dab rig, flower rig, hand pipe, custom glass pipe, or a custom glass attachment, the Upper Limits team has you covered. Browse our selection in-store and online today and find everything you need to enjoy your favorite strains.


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