WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Thermal Glass Caps by Yo Dabba

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Glass Thermal Caps by Yo Dabba
(assorted colors)

She’s not just a pretty face. These bright and bubbly Glass Thermal Carb Caps always bring the heat. Literally. And figuratively. So, if you want to feel the rush of a truly satisfying vape, get your hands on one today.

Glass Thermal Caps by Yo Dabba
(assorted colors)

(If you prefer a specific color/design of this product, please call the store immediately before or after your purchase to ensure we have that color in stock)

Impeccably designed with faultless functionality, these Glass Thermal Carb Caps are the icing on the cake for anyone in search of the ultimate dabbing experience. The perfect partner to a Quartz Thermal Nail or e-Nail Banger, these shimmering bubble carb caps keep nails clean, ensure no product goes to waste and transform each and every hit into a robust, potent, and creamy draw.

Don’t believe that something this budget-friendly can be so effective? Think it’s all a bit ‘big hat and no cattle? Well, think again! The skilfully crafted Glass Thermal Carb Caps from Yo Dabba don’t just look pretty; they’ve got style and they’ve got substance!

Thanks to their incredible thermal properties (being made from premium-grade borosilicate glass), it takes no time at all for these colorful carb caps to control airflow and prevent heat from escaping. They’re so effective at it, that they can actually sustain ideal dabbing temperatures for a surprisingly long period of time from just one application of heat. So, if you were having second thoughts about buying one, consider this: with a Glass Thermal Carb Cap from Yo Dabba, you can expect to keep your dabbing sessions going for much longer.

Go on. Treat yourself to a Glass Thermal Carb Cap. We’re sure you’ll take delight not just from being able to watch milky white vapors flow around the chamber, but also from knowing that you’ll shortly receive the full benefits of all your concentrates.

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Thermal Glass Caps by Yo Dabba
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