Count Vapula User Manuals

Count Vapula User Manuals

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Count Vapula Extract Kit

Get to know your new Count Vapula Extract Kit:

Before Use:

Filling the Tank: Pull off the mouth piece Pull out the blue silicone stopper Put product in Replace silicone stopper Replace mouth piece

Tank Priming: Allow the tank 5-10 minutes to saturate the coil, priming is essential to longevity on the coils lifespan.

During Use:

Power on: When you take a pull off of the tank (inhale) the battery automatically turns on, and heats the element. (coil)

After Use Cleaning:

After use follow these steps for proper cleaning: take the tank off of the base Run an alcohol wipe over the base of the tank Run an alcohol wipe over the inside and outside of the top connection to the battery. Let dry then you can place all pieces back together.


Wall Adaptor: At no time should a wall adaptor with fast charging capabilities be used. Fast Charging devices have a logo that looks like a black triangle, a lightning bolt, or they could say fast charging on the adaptor. Most new smart phones are using this feature.

Computer port:

When plugging the device into a computer port, make sure to only use black ports, and make sure the computer does not go into sleep mode, or hibernate, as these will interrupt the charging cycle.

Charging Indicator:

Green color light (100% full charged)  

Red color light (25% level)

When full charged: Green light flashes 20times then the light shuts off, as it enters a resting state.

Error Codes:

Low-voltage warning: when the voltage is below 3.3V, and you attempt to draw, red light flashes 10 times then shuts off. This means the device needs charged, please look at the charging section for further information.  

Over –Draw protection:

Taking a draw for longer than 5 seconds, will cause the device to flash 3 times, and power will switch off. This prevents someone from burning the coil, and overloading the battery. The power will resume automatically when you start to take another pull. This is an automatic protection feature of the device.  

For any other information regarding this device please reach out to us at:

Upper Limits Midwest INC

1205 S Second St Suite B

Springfield, Il 62704

(217) 679-4315


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