WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Explore The Vrod Flowerpot Vape B Series by Cannabis Hardware

Explore The Vrod Flowerpot Vape B Series by Cannabis Hardware

Explore Cannabis Hardware's New Vape Flowerpot B Series Desktop Cannabis Vaporizer


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Desktop vaporizers are at the top of the food chain in the cannabis vaping industry, they trade small size and on the go, use to deliver powerful tasty rips, usually through a water pipe. Until recently, most used either a ceramic or a metal block as a heat mass. While this method works, the harder you draw the cooler the temps. This is the opposite of what we are looking for in a bong experience. Along came the ball revolution, driven by consumer DIYs adding quartz or ruby terp pearls to the vape to act as a heat sink. Cannabis hardware the makers of the Showerhead and Vrod took notice and modified their metal sink vapes to take balls instead. The B series was born, these balls act as a better heat bank releasing more heat the harder you draw. The complex air path created by the stacking of the balls makes sure no cool air makes it thru. Using different sized or shaped balls also allows you to tailor the experience to your liking.


The team at Cannabis Hardware is a passionate group of engineers, machinists, and marketers. They have been making cannabis gear since 2009 and are well known for their previous models, the showerhead and vrod. All their units are manufactured in South Florida out of  USA melted titanium. They have proven to be responsive to both customer needs and changes in the market.

Flowerpot B2 Essentials Bundle by Cannabis Hardware


 The Flowerpot B2 by Cannabis Hardware is the top-of-the-line unit. The head is made from USA melted grade 2 titanium with a SIC dish or optional sapphire dish on top for dabbing or double-deckers, the screen diffuser holds approximately 200 3mm terp pearls (included in the kit).
B1 Flowerpot by Cannabis Hardware
The head is powered by a Cannabis Hardware branded PID and 20mm coil and also includes a titanium shovelhead bowl,wooden-handled carb cap, and heat post to securely store the unit when in use.


With the Cannabis Hardware Flowerpot B2, you have the ability to smash a 0.2-gram bowl and a big dab in one powerful soul-shaking rip. The balls allow plenty of superheated airflow to pass through delivering one of the purest convection hits you can find anywhere. If you love flower and concentrate, or are just looking for a heavy-hitting desktop your search is over. The Cannabis Hardware B2 is the heaviest of the heavy hitters.


Flowerpot B1 Essentials Bundle by Cannabis Hardware


The Flowerpot B1 by Cannabis Hardware is their flower-only version. It saves you some money on the dish while giving you that same performance. Replacing the dab dish on top is a screened nut providing even more airflow than the B2. Including all the same options in the kit as the B2 kit. The Flowerpot B1 provides a nice performance to value ratio. If you are looking for a wide-open flower crushing unit, then the Flowerpot B1 might be for you.


Flowerpot B1 Injector by Cannabis Hardware


The Flowerpot B1 Injector by Cannabis Hardware is what's called an injector-style vape, based around an 18 male post. This one fits a variety of bowls like the Elev8 (replaces the metal shovelhead in this kit) letting you change your experience by changing your bowl. You still get all that Cannabis Hardware B1 power but in a more versatile form. If you want to use glass, metal, or wooden bowls and enjoy experimenting with different setups the Flowerpot Injector is what you are looking for.


Flowerpot BZero Essentials Bundle by Cannabis Hardware


A discord poster named secreagent came up with a DIY ball vape based on a tig welder tip. Cannabis Hardware took note and came up with the Flowerpot BZero. It's a beefed-up 18mm post with screen groves inside to hold the balls in place. Powered by the same controller and coil as its bigger brothers this unit gives you all that power in a stripped-down wallet-friendly format. This entry-level unit packs a massive punch for a much smaller initial investment.


As you can see Cannabis Hardware has a hard-hitting ball vape to fit every preference and budget. Once you experience “dabbing” your flower you'll find it hard to consume any other way. Cannabis Hardware has its finger on the pulse of this industry, so you will always be on the cutting edge. 


As a Cannabis Hardware Flowerpot owner (I own 2) I'm excited for Upper Limits to begin offering these units. I've been amazed at the performance and have enjoyed showing them to friends and coworkers. In the community, we call these end-game vapes or VAS killers (Vape Acquisition Syndrome). Come see us and find out for yourself what this ball vape revolution is all about!

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