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Matthieu Fortin TrepTalks Interview With Sushant

Matthieu Fortin TrepTalks Interview With Sushant

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Episode Summary:

In this insightful episode, Matthieu Fortin, the CEO of Upper Limits, unfolds his entrepreneurial voyage in the cannabis sector. He delves into the origins of their enterprise, the variety of offerings they present, and the unique hurdles encountered in the cannabis business landscape. Fortin illuminates the intricacies of product sourcing, balancing brick-and-mortar retail with online strategies, and the imperative of exceptional customer service coupled with an eclectic product lineup. He also discusses the dynamics of working with merchant processors, strategies for effective fulfillment and shipping, team leadership, and the criticality of perpetual learning in business. Sharing his experience with productivity tools like Notion and Trello, Fortin underscores the importance of focus and resilience, encouraging emerging businesses to embrace challenges without fear of failure.

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